Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Climb Every Mountains - Day 13

Day 13 of Christmas Praise and Celebration

I've had a mountain that I have been avoiding in my personal life.  In fact, I have been avoiding it for about a week.  One night last week I realized I could no longer continue to ignore the mountain or it was soon going start taking control of my life.   Instead of avoiding the ginormous task I faced, I thought I would give myself an incentive/reward to help deal with what was the inevitable.   I decided to make a deal with myself.  I would receive a reward after, and ONLY after, I had dealt with this mountain.   My "incentive to self" was a success.  

I am please to report I dealt fiercely with my mountain and in less than an hour I was enjoying my reward.   

My mountain: (of laundry.  It was as tall as the back of my recliner.  No lie. And it is just the two of us here this week.)

My reward:  Homemade sugar cookies with glazed icing.  (Only captured a picture of the mess I made making the cookies.  They didn't turn out too cute--so no after pictures...but they sure were delicious!)  If you want cute sugar cookies be sure to visit Sweet Bella Bakery.)

Once again this week, I am sad to report the mountain is back.  I guess I'll be baking another batch of sweet incentives for myself in the very near future. 

All that randomness to say that today I am thankful for abundance.  An abundance of clothes (that leaves me a mountain of laundry).  Even an abundance of food (thus the luxuary of making sugar cookies just because I "want some").  I realize many in this world don't have these luxuries of abundance.  My we never take for granted the blessings we have been given.    

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