Thursday, November 06, 2014

I want to ride my bike ...(In all things #5)

Though my outward tent is wearing away with aches and pains I am thankful they are minor issues. I praise The Lord for good health and the ability to work and be active. I went 42 plus years of my life not working out. Two summers ago I was encouraged (note sarcasm) by my specialist to get active. I needed to find something I enjoyed and just do it.  So  I decided to get my beach cruiser bike out the shed and go for a spin. That was the best decision I could have made for my overall health. It's been two year and a new bike later I still enjoy my bike time. I love  the wind in my hair as I peddlle as fast as I can down the hill like I'm racing Lance Armstrong.  Makes me feel like a kid again. It makes me laugh. Stress melts away and it helps with my pain management.

Most importantly I use the time to prayer cycle. I pray for the houses and neighborhoods as I ride around the streets.  My faithful two wheeled friend and I have a good Ol time prayer cycling through my area.  Each ride ends with no regrets. 

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