Monday, April 12, 2010

Good things come to those who wait.......

My baby girl (Amanda) was induced this morning.

She arrived at the hospital bright and early.  They broke her water, gave her petocin and the waiting began.  I have been waiting by the phone ALL day.  Talking to her every hour it seems (I wish I could be there....but soon enough!  I'll be there by the end of the week, praise Jesus!).   As I type this nine hours have passed and Amanda is still only 4 cm dilated.  Bless her heart!  This is going to be a long labor.  Amanda is either going to pass out from fatigue or boredom!  (She HATES to sit still longer than 30 minutes).  This baby is going to be "strong willed" just like her mommy!!

I will let you know when Jaelynn is born and if she will need surgery (on her heart or intestines due to her heterotaxy syndrome).  I am praying for a miracle.

Just a warning:  If you do not want to see pictures and lots of posts from a giddy grandma, you may not want to check my blog for the next few days   week  years.   Just sayin'

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