Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Got To Pray Just To Make It Today

Day 3

Prayer.  I am so thankful for the privilege we have as God's children to pray.  There is amazing and super natural power in prayer.  I am thankful that when we are in distress, we can cry out to The Lord and He will hear us.  (Ps 4:1).   Even when we do not know what to pray, during times when we don't know how to pray or times on our knees when we can't muster up the words to pray, our Lord has given us The Holy Spirit to help us.  (Romans 8:26).  

I am thankful that we can pray at all times about anything. (Eph 6:18).  How exciting to know that before we even finish our prayer, The Lord has already heard it.  (Is. 65:24).  
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We have been entrusted with the honor to pray without ceasing (1 Thes. 5:17) for others.  I am thankful for the many opportunities that are set before us every day that we have and can use to intercede for people.  Here are just a few of the opportunities that I personally try to use as a way of praying for others:

  • While driving, take note of cars that are broken down on  the side of the road.  Pray for their safety as they wait for help.   Pray for provisions for the expenses related to the mechanical work that will be needed.

  • When visiting others in the hospital, pray for people as you pass by their rooms.  Pray for the person that is sick in the hospital bed.  Pray for their family members and friends for the strength they need while they go back and forth visiting their loved one.  

  • Pray for the people that you see walking outside your home.  For the young mom strolling her baby early in the morning.  (She may be a stay at home mom so pray for her financial needs.  Pray she doesn't go nuts staying home all day and has an outlet.)  Pray for the couple that is walking together after dinner (pray for their marriage/relationship).  Pray for the older gentleman riding his bike (if he is alone he could be widowed.  Pray he is not lonely but seeking The Lord as his constant companion). 

  • Pray as you drive from one location to another for the homes you see.  Take note of what is in the driveway.  If you see toys, bikes, etc., pray for the children that live there.  If you see a wheelchair ramp, pray for the one who is in a wheelchair and the care-giver.

  • As you flip through the TV from one station to the next, pray for the Hollywood celebrities that have no respect for God. Pray for their salvation. Use that time to pray for more Godly role-models for our youth and children. 

  • When you hear sirens or see emergency vehicles rushing by your home/car, pray for the person that needs help. Pray for the emergency workers that are risking their lives daily for others.  

These are just a few things that I try to do as a means of "praying without ceasing" through my day.   I'd love to hear from you and how you "pray without ceasing" through your day!

Indeed, I am thankful for Prayer!

Since I typed my blog title, this song is stuck in my head.  Oh--the power of suggestion.  So, just for fun, we will close with the words of MC Hammer,
 "we pray(pray pray) We got to pray Just to make it today 

I said we pray(pray) ah yeah pray(pray) We got to pray 

Just to make it today 

That's the word: we pray 

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Rebekah {A Lady in Waiting} said...

What a great list of ideas! I do some of those, but some are things I would not have thought of - and I can always use reminders to pray. Thank you for posting this.

Love you!


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