Thursday, November 04, 2010

My Main Squeeze

I am thankful today (and everyday) for my marriage and for My Man!  He is my best friend and no one can make me laugh like he can.  He is truly a gift to me from The Lord.  I pray I will never forget that fact.  

When I was a single mom many years ago, my prayer was that The Lord would send me a Godly, Christian man that would not only love me but that would love my daughter, Amanda as his own.  Jim is an answer to that prayer (among many other prayers).   

Not long ago, someone made the comment to me that  I 'seemed to have a "perfect" life and marriage'.  Let me assure you that our family is far from perfect.  My marriage is not perfect either.   

photo courtesy of Jordyn Burton Photography

 Jim and I have put a lot of work into our marriage and I believe The Lord has blessed our efforts.  Marriage takes work.  Is not easy.   I believe the key factor, (only second to putting the Lord first) is that each person gives 100%.  50% from each spouse is simply not enough.    I want to encourage you to give 100% to your marriage today.  Continue to seek The Lord above all, then place your husband as your next priority, then your children, and so on.  

photo courtesy of Jordyn Burton Photography 

Lastly, I want to also challenge you to join me in this challenge: 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge for Wives   Just do it!  Suck up your pride and do it!  I double dog dare ya!!!  If you accept the challenge, write me and let me know.  At the end of 30 days, I want to hear from you!!  

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