Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Royal Appointment

This is a picture looking out my kitchen window.  I took this picture to try and capture the snow on the trees, however, I don't think it really worked.  As I looked at the picture it made me stop and think about my prayer time.  Pray Often.  Sure I pray often.  I pray everyday, many times a day.   I "prink" (pray+think) often and I also "popcorn" pray often.  But how many times do I deliberately  set aside time to stop from busyness to be quiet with The Lord to just pray and seek Him. 

Recently I heard a friend describe her memories of her mother’s daily quiet time.  She told me her mother would make time for prayer and Bible reading each day.  If her children would whine about her leaving them to go be alone, the mother would simply - but confidently tell them she had “an appointment --an appointment with The King”.

There is much talk about the upcoming Royal Wedding that will take place next Spring.   I hate to admit this but Royal weddings have always interested me.   Imagine for a moment receiving an invitation to the Royal wedding next year.  If it were my invite, I'd be instantly thinking about what I was going to wear, who would be there, would I have a spot of tea (though I'd prefer a cup of java) with the Queen?  Of course this is silly but my ever wondering mind ponders scenarios like this from time to time.   After amusing myself with this non-sense I immediately remembered the Royal invite that I (and you) have been extended on a daily basis.  The King of kings has extended an invitation to spend time with me (and you) at HIS THRONE at any given time.  He is not just a king but THE King.    Yet, often I am guilty of neglecting my royal invitation on a regular basis as I hurry on to things that are temporal. 

 Oh how thankful I am that the invitation has been extended.  We are invited to enter His courts through prayer to tell Him our deepest fears, our most painful struggles.  We can even enter and just cry if needed.  He is always there to meet with us and He eagerly awaits our time together.   

As the year ends and many of us sit down to write out goals and resolutions for the New Year, I want to accept the royal invitation that has been given to me.   Will you join me in being intentional with our schedules and appointments - especially with the daily Royal Appointments?  

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