Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Stand up and fight....

There are just some days. You know what I mean. Let me just say the past few days have been "one of those days" so to speak. Nothing in particular yet everything in particular.  Ladies, I know you know what I mean.  Hormones?  maybe.  But, I believe it has been more on the spiritual warfare side. Whatever it was/is I just wanted it to be done.  gone. finished. kaput.

 I woke up this morning and just needed to hear a little Kirk Franklin. I had been thinking of this song for a few days but finally listened to it today while getting ready in the bathroom.   I listened it to it not once, not twice but three times! My make-up brushes didn't know what hit them when I started using them as microphones as I was getting my praise on (yes--in the bathroom). I think my flat iron received a little "victory" this morning too!! (Amen ladies?)

I know some people that have word themes to help them describe the upcoming New Year. Words are fine but since I'm more visual and not so 'wordy' I think I'll use a song theme.  This might just be my 2011 song. 

(If you are a Kirk Franklin fan then be sure to crank-up the volume on this and do a little praise dancing!!  And if you are not a Kirk Franklin fan-- well, do it anyway!  Either way, listen to the words.)

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